Thermoplastic Compounds & Masterbatches

Thermoplastic Compounds & Masterbatches

Somany Polymers works with many of the worlds leading polymer manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive range of standard and filled Compounds and also colour Masterbatches.

We can also develop grades to meet specific needs. For example, to enhance mechanical properties, reduce warpage, improve surface finish etc. or to help provide cost down.

We are also able to offer re-engineered compound polymers in materials such as PC/ABS, TPU, PC etc. Furthermore, these are produced to the highest standards and help provide attractive commercial savings against prime grades. Widely used in the European automotive industry with the relevant approvals and often available in black, natural and also custom colours.

Glass Filled grades
Long Glass Fibre Filled grades
Glass Bead Filled grades
Talc Filled grades
PTFE Filled grades
Flame Retardant grades
UV Stabilised grades
Conductive grades
Colour Masterbatches
Wide range of additives

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