We can source any brand, grade or quantity from our network of over 350 international suppliers, making us the India’s leading independent distributor of engineering polymers.

As a deliberately unauthorised distributor, SOMANY POLYMERS are not handcuffed by only being able to supply specific brands. We have the flexibility to be able to source virtually any polymer in the world, saving your time and money in the process.
Everything we source is supplied in the original manufacturer’s packaging with the manufacturer’s Certificate of Analysis. Minimum order quantities can be delivered from as little as 25kg upwards.

If you can’t find the exact polymer or brand you require – call us and we will search for you, with no obligation to purchase.

Amongst others, brands that we have previously supplied include >


There are different ways that our determined and dynamic team can help your business. Explore the following five areas to find out how our unique business model can add value.
Our philosophy is to help our customers retain and win business and hopefully make their lives just a little bit easier too. Although we can’t wave a magic wand, by thinking outside the box and looking for solutions to the problems, we are able to help on most occasions.

Cost reduction opportunities

If you are under pressure to reduce your costs, in addition to our Price Check, we have two further possible ways to provide you with the reductions you need:

Contact us with the grade, colour and lot size you need and we will respond with a no obligation quotation.

Finding the exact grade you need

With an established supply chain of more than 350 partners across Europe and a database with thousands of products at our fingertips, you can leave the searching to us.

Hardies are completely independent, meaning that we are not bound to sell only certain manufacturers’ grades and are confident of being able to find exactly what you are looking for. With one call to us, your search is broadened right across Europe.

Our searches are free and there is no commitment to buy. What could be more straightforward?

Comparing prices across India

How do you know if the price you are offered is the best price on the market? Prices vary enormously and one customer can often be paying significantly more than another for the same material.

Your current polymer supplier may be the ‘exclusive authorised distributor’, but that doesn’t mean there is no other purchasing alternative. Hardies have over 350 supply partners ensuring we can offer you all the major brands of OEM-specified grades.

We price-check the same product across multiple suppliers and multiple countries, so that we give you the very best price every time.

Is the MOQ too high for you?

Don’t be forced to accept larger quantities of material than you need. Our supply chain enables us to deliver as little as 25kg, keeping your inventory in check and enabling your business to work more effectively and economically.

If you are curious about how we can do this when your current supplier cannot, phone us and we will happily explain why.


The history of our business goes back almost 100 years and Hardies have been supplying plastics moulding companies since the 1960s. We are an ambitious team who work hard to find exactly what our customers are looking for and 95% of the time we are able to do just that. We are proud to be seen as positive disruptors within the industry offering best-in-class service for our customers.


When working in collaboration with Hardies, you can be confident that you are safe in the hands of a respected and pioneering leader within the plastics industry.